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Below are some of our current and previous clients.

"We found our two hostesses to be very punctual, well-presented and warmly engaging with our customers.

We would thoroughly recommend Immaculate Events to any venue operators or function organisers, as they provide a quality, professional service which we found to be reliable and rewarding."

Wade Calderwood

General Manager

Pakenham Racing Club

"Immaculate Events have provided our business entertainment and increased turnover on Member’s Nights.


We have used their services for a few years and highly recommend them.


Porzia has been great to deal with."

Mary Novacic

Venue Manager

Black Rhino Group

"As always, I choose Immaculate Events for my hosts due to the consistently high level of hosts we receive. The hosts are friendly, engaging, professional and presented immaculately.


Booking with Porzia is professional. Whenever I need a host, Immaculate Events are always the first company I choose."

Terry Smith

Venue Manager

Pegasus Leisure Group

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